Why You Need Shepherd's Hut Insurance

Shepherd’s Hut Insurance – Why You Need A Specialist Insurance Policy

You’ve invested a lot in your shepherd’s hut and whether you are keeping it to create some great memories with friends and family or letting it out on a commercial basis it is important to ensure you have the right insurance in place.

Why you need a specialist insurance provider

Shepherd huts are not necessarily covered by your home buildings insurance, as many insurers do not consider them to be a general outbuilding. The fact that it is timber built is also a reason many insurers won’t offer to insure it. Whether your hut is old or new and whether it is kept in your garden or on some land you own or rent, The Tourist Trail Insurance can help when it comes to getting the insurance right.

What to consider when insuring your shepherd’s hut?

One of the first things to consider is how much your shepherd’s hut cost to buy – this is the building sum insured and we will use it to start to work out a price for your insurance. Don’t forget to include the structure itself, the chassis upon which your hut is based and anything else like a hot tub, shower or toilet that might be part of, or next to your shepherd’s hut.

Next, consider the value of the contents inside your shepherd’s hut – what do you keep inside your hut? – soft furnishings, cooking equipment etc.

Our policy is flexible and allows you to cover additional items such as awnings, BBQs, firepits and tables & chairs, whether in use or whilst being stored.

You may also want to consider Public Liability insurance as well, just in case there is an accident or something goes wrong.

Do you let out your shepherd’s hut?

If you let out your shepherd’s hut as a business venture then it is important to be correctly insured, your local council may insist on minimum levels of cover. If your shepherd’s hut is part of a wider glamping or camping business then we can cover a range of accommodation including pods, lodges, yurts and tents.

Our policy can extend to cover Public Liability, Employers Liability and financial loss from business interruption if you have to close your premises due to fire, flood or storm.

How much does it cost to insure your shepherd’s hut?

The cost of your insurance will vary depending on a number of things – how much your shepherd’s hut cost, the value of your contents and so on. Prices start from just £8 a month.

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