Why You Need Bed & Breakfast Insurance

Bed & Breakfast Insurance – Why You Need a Specialist Insurance Policy

If you are running a Bed & Breakfast from your home then standard home insurance may not provide full protection and you should consider a specialist B&B policy to ensure you have the appropriate cover in place. The Tourist Trail can help when it comes to getting the insurance right, leaving you to enjoy running your home, your B&B business and looking after your guests.

Running a B&B brings additional insurance risks – guests accessing areas of your home, the preparation of food and provision of heating, the potential to employ people and the loss of booking income in the event that you are not able to operate.

What to consider when insuring your Bed & Breakfast?

The Buildings and Contents of your home are likely to represent a significant value and you may wish to protect them against damage or loss. Think about how much it may cost to replace or repair them if you suffered loss or damage to your home or contents.

As you are opening your home to paying guests Public Liability cover can help protect you in the event of an accident or injury happening to a guest or just defending a claim from a dissatisfied guest.

If you are providing cooked breakfasts or preparing other food for guests then you may be exposed to claims such as food poisoning and Products Liability insurance can help protect your business.

If you have business equipment that you use to run your B&B – such as a computer or printer through to cleaning equipment, then you may wish to ensure it is adequately insured against things like fire or theft as it may not be insured under a standard household policy.

Your guests will inevitably bring some of their personal possessions when they stay with you and most specialist B&B policies will provide a small amount of cover for damage or loss to guests personal possessions whilst they are staying with you.

If you directly employ anyone – may be a cleaner or a gardener, then Employers Liability cover will be required by law.

Your business will be a source of additional income or be revenue that you rely upon such that its loss may cause you financial hardship. Business interruption insurance will help protect your income in the event that you have to close your business due to fire, flood or storm.

How much does it cost to insure your Bed & Breakfast?

The cost of your insurance will vary depending on a number of things – the values involved, where you live, previous claims experience and so on.

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