Why You May Need Café Business Insurance

Do you run a café business? – then you may need a specialist café insurance policy

If you run a café, tea room or coffee shop business then it can be worthwhile considering a specialist café insurance policy to ensure you have the appropriate cover in place. Our experienced insurance team at The Tourist Trail Insurance can help when it comes to getting you the right insurance, leaving you focus on serving customers and enjoying running your café business.

Owning and running a café can bring some specific insurance risks including inviting customers into your premises, offering food, serving at table, having furniture outside in the street, may be employing people and the potential loss of income in the event that you are not able to open your business.

What to consider when insuring your Café?

Your Buildings if you own the premises, and Contents are likely to represent a considerable investment – may be you own a coffee making machine that is an integral part of your café business – and you may wish to protect both your Buildings and Contents against loss or damage. It is worth considering how much it may cost to replace or repair your Contents and Stock if you suffered loss or damage such as fire, flood or vandalism. Don’t forget to insure the replacement cost of your Stock rather than the retail value – and also remember take into account seasonal variations – you are may have higher stock values at Christmas and your peak trading months than the off season.

Don’t forget, you are responsible for the safety of customers visiting your café or the general public passing by if you have tables and chairs outside and Public Liability cover can help protect you in the event of an accident or injury happening  – for example slipping on a wet floor, an outdoor heater overheating, tripping over poorly positioned furniture, or loss of or damage to their possessions whilst on your premises e.g. you spill coffee on their phone or laptop.

If your café business is large enough to employ staff, including casual or temporary workers – may be serving staff or cleaning staff, then you are responsible for them and the law requires you to have Employers Liability insurance which will protect you from claims made by staff who become unwell or get injured whilst working on your premises.

Preparing food and drink for your customers is what you do – but it also means you may be exposed to claims from them for things such as food poisoning or allergic reactions – and Products Liability insurance can help protect your business.

If you have Business Equipment that you use in your café business – such as an expensive coffee machine, or a computer and printer, then you may wish to ensure it is adequately insured against accidental damage.

Business interruption insurance will help protect your income in the event that you are unable to open your business due to fire, flood or storm at your premises.

In addition, it is also worth considering things like Legal Expenses cover as part of your café insurances which can help with legal costs if someone makes a claim against you, providing you with more comprehensive insurance protection.

How much does it cost to insure your Café?

Inevitably, insurance costs will vary depending on a number of things – the values involved, previous claims experience, risk management measures, the level of excess you are prepared to fund in the event of a claim and so on – after all your café business is unique – so to get a bespoke café insurance quote contact our friendly team on 0345 209 4462. Subject to terms and conditions we can often offer a price that is 5% cheaper than your existing renewal premium.

Getting in touch

The best way to ensure you get the right cover is to talk to us about café insurance for your business – as a professional insurance broker we will then be able to understand your business and find the appropriate cover – call us today on 0345 209 4462.

Café Insurance

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